Breeding Ewes entered for 3rd July

From M/s T P & T R Rogers, Manor Farm, Monkland –

480 chiefly Texel x ewes – 2’s/5’s with some Suffolks and Mules

15 stock rams viz.

3 Charollais x Beltex – 2 years, 12 Charollais – 3/5 years

Only for sale due to change in farming policy

Further details from the office

Cattle entered for 4th July

From M/s J D R & J L Corbett, Newent –

Dispersal of 40 continental bred cows and calves, chiefly British Blue cross with some Limousin, Simmental, Angus and Hereford cross

Mainly 2nd and 3rd calvers, with some heifers, the majority rearing spring born Angus calves with the heifers rearing Bazadaise

Also Bazadaise bull – 3 years

All calves dehorned, tagged and tested clear of BVD at birth, sired by registered Angus/registered Bazadaise bulls

Removed to Hereford Market for convenience of sale, only for sale due to change of farming policy

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From M/s R M & G L Watkins, Upper Cwm Farm

3 black Limousin cows with Limousin x calves at foot

Roadworks likely to affect sale on 26th June


A4103 Roman Road, Hereford, Herefordshire

24 June — 28 June                         

Delays likely Traffic control (multi-way signals)   

Works location: Outside Bloor Development Entrance