The NHS and Key Workers

Livestock Auctioneers nationwide are doing their best to keep the food chain moving, obtaining the best price they can for farmers and balancing requirement from butchers to availability. British food is the best in the world and the Government needs to remember and never forget that, we must never rely on others for our food supply or any other major necessities.


The NHS are the saviours of the nation and for this we thank them, for their care, compassion and determination. 


Farmers are feeding the Nation. 


Together with all the Key Workers the Country is more united than at any time since WWII. 


We will win this fight together! 






Many of you will have seen Captain Tom Moore walking his way to his 100th Birthday, raising millions of pounds for the NHS, if you’d like to donate please follow the link below:


Richard Hyde – Hereford Market Auctioneers