Flock Dispersal on behalf of Peter Elkington – Wednesday 4th September

From Peter Elkington, The Old Bakehouse, Ashperton –
Complete flock dispersal of 120 top quality
Texel, Beltex and Beltex x Texel breeding sheep
Suitable for both commercial and show purposes and only offered for sale due to a change in circumstances

Hereford Market – Wednesday 4th September – approximately 1.00pm


  • 44 Breeding Ewes flock ages (36 pure Texel & 8 pure Beltex)
  • 25 Yearling Ewes (23 Pure Texel Birth Registered & 2 Pure Beltex)
  • 4 Stock Rams (Pure Beltex)
  • 12 Yearling Rams (Texel, Beltex, Beltex x Texel)
  • 35 Ewe Lambs (Texel, Beltex, Beltex x Texel)

All females aged yearling and above are vaccinated, up to date for ENZO + TOXO Abortion
Everything on Heptavac P Plus system
Many females are from the ‘Whitehart’ and ‘Millend’ Pedigree Texel flocks.
A genuine opportunity to buy some proven breeding stock
which comes highly recommended

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